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3 Years 6 Months Old

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Ashlay is entertaining and hilarious, and there's never a dull moment with her. She's been with VOKRA for awhile, and wants nothing more than a forever home she can call her own. She loves to play, and enjoys having space to run, climb, stretch, and somersault around in. She also likes to put herself in any box, bag, or hole she can find.

Ashlay is an independent kitty who will rule the house as the small grey lioness she is. That doesn’t mean she won’t miss you when you’re gone- she'll greet you at the door and rub herself all over your legs as soon as you return. When she’s not busy playing, she's in one of her two favourite positions: either sprawled on her back stretched as long as she can make herself with her limbs hanging in the air, or sleeping on the edge of the bed or couch with her chin hanging over the side. Whatever she’s doing, she's always the cutest!

OK with other cats and older kids only 





Princess Leia was Ashlay (2018)'s adopted!

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