8 Years Old - Vancouver

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Lulu's a sweetheart! An outgoing cat, she wins over the hearts of others quickly. She'll follow you around, and likes spending time with people. She's energetic, and loves to chase laser pointers and play with her toy mice when they're dangled in front of her. She likes to stay busy by playing, climbing, and looking out the window. She's inquisitive too, and always curious and eager to explore.

Once Lulu is ready to settle in for the night, she loves to sleep up high or by your head. She will approach you and let you know if she would like to be pet or played with, and can get chatty when hungry. She'll always make sure to greet you at the door, and occasionally enjoys a scratch behind the ears or a tummy rub. She's fun-loving and loves human companionship, but also tolerates other cats.

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