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2 Years 1 Month Old

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Kaidan is a shy, curious kitty. He is very communicative, and will mew and follow you about to let you know he wants to be pet or that he's waiting for food that he'd like “right meow". He likes to find a hidden spot to observe people from until he gets to know them, but once he does he becomes quite social. Though timid when strangers are about, he’s much improved from when he first arrived at VOKRA. He's gone from being a cat that ran at the first sight of a person to a feline who struts into the room they're in so he can lie down or play where he can watch them.

Kaidan enjoys being pet and even appreciates full body pets, which he 'pancakes' himself flat onto the floor for. Once he’s settled in his new home he'll likely become a cuddle bug to whomever he chooses to be his trusted companion (and possibly even with another four-legged friend, since he's shown quite a bit of confidence with canines). He's still working on his communication skills, and occasionally lets out a reflexive hiss when he believes you’ve moved too quickly and startled him, but he almost instantly goes back to meowing at you or rubbing against your leg as if nothing ever happened.

He's a calm cat during the day, but a rambunctious kitten in the evenings. He enjoys terrorizing stuffed toys and tackling scratching posts with vigor, often moving them from one side of the room to the other. He is quite intelligent, which he’s proven by solving puzzle toys within moments of being alone with them- so long as he knows there are treats within! Watch a video of him here.

OK with dogs and older kids

Kaidan (2018)'s adopted!

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