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3 Years 2 Months Old

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Iphigenia is a calm and lovely cat who loves to chill out in a corner and watch what's going on around her. She has been a fabulous mother of many litters and lived outside most of her life, but is now enjoying her life indoors. She loves to be touched, and will make her wishes known by rubbing gently against your leg and deftly maneuvering into your space.

Iphigenia is very tolerant of children. She's been held and played with a lot, and she keeps coming back for more! She will do well in any household where she can sometimes get some peace and quiet when she needs it, but where she can also seek love when she wants it (and a few treats every now and then, too!).

OK with kids and other cats


Molly was Iphigenia Alumnus 2018's adopted!

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