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10 Years Old

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Mellow Yellow took some time to live up to his name, but has at last become the best companion you could ask for. He is reliably, friendly, wanting lots of attention and cuddles from his human friends. Not at all shy, he is even the life of the party if you have dinner guests! You'll be rewarded amply with affectionate head-butts and his constant purring.

An enthusiastic hunter, Mellow loves to bat around his toy mice and especially chase a feather on a stick. He also has a lazy streak, however, and will spend hours basking in a sunbeam or curled up on a sofa, purring blissfully if you approach him to scratch his ears or rub his tummy. Perhaps his biggest love, however, is food - even if his dish is full and he isn't hungry, he will watch like a hawk as you prepare your own meals, and will run through the house at the sound of a can opener or food being poured into a bowl.

He has experience living with a young child, but is happiest in a home with people who can give him his space if he needs it - rest assured that he'll come back to you for cuddles in a few minutes! Mellow Yellow has become a miniature Facebook sensation - he has a fan page with over 100 followers! You can visit him at:

OK with older kids
NO young kids
NO other cats
NO dogs

Mellow Yellow's adopted!

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