10 Years Old - Vancouver

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There’s something quite spectacular about coming home to a pair of sweet cats who just can’t wait for you to settle down and snuggle with them!  Mike and his mother Trixie have slowly been coming out of their shells and showing the depths of their affection and fondness for play. While still inclined to avoid noise, they bloom in quiet places, coming out so seek pets and to check up on you. They aren’t shy about sauntering into the living room and reminding you when it’s time for dinner and time for bed. Evening is their favorite time, as they just can’t wait to cuddle up in bed with you. Mike is a foot warmer who likes to tuck himself into a cat loaf and purr at the bottom of the bed.

Mike loves attention. When inspired, he wanders over to purr loudly and lean into your hand. He's always the first to greet you by asking for pets, pumping his head against your hand,  and weaving around your legs. He's also very enthusiastic about play, and will swat at toy mice, and chase sticks and strings moving across the floor. As his confidence grows, he's even starting to show enthusiasm for rolling balls with bells. A handsome gentleman, Mike likes to saunter around the house with ears relaxed and tail held high. He likes to find cozy perches where he can watch the world go by.

Mike and his mom Trixie are relaxed, laidback cats who like to keep you company. As their confidence in you and themselves grows, they're certain to reveal more of their charming personalities. They can be shy and aloof to start, but give them a slow and quiet introduction, and in time they are sure to reward you with genuine long term affection.

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