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2 Years 1 Month Old

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Liya is a lovely little lady with a lot to say. She's still very much a kitten when it comes to playtime, and can entertain herself for hours with toys (though she loves it best when you get in on the fun with her). Her favorite time is snuggle time, and anytime she sees an opportunity for her to cuddle and get some love she'll be there. She will prance all around and on you, until you take notice and give her the attention she craves. If you don't, she'll let you know what she wants with purrs and meows.

Liya is also very vocal when it comes to food time, and lets you know if you just aren't fast enough! She would prefer to be the only pet so that she can soak up all the snuggles she wants and deserves. As she nips (gently) and may swat when she's not in the mood for pets, she would be best suited to a home without children.

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