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Hi, I’m Ashlea. My siblings and I were four months old when VOKRA rescued us, and my brother Kohl and I were still very frightened and hissy semi-feral kitties when we arrived at our foster home. We’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve blossomed into confident and loving kitties. We are gentle and sweet, and soft touch and gentle movements are the key to keeping us nearby and purring. We aren’t lap kitties yet nor are we comfortable with being held, but we will let you pick us up onto a bed, the couch or our cat tree. We still get nervous around new people, but that doesn’t stop us from coming to eat treats from your hands.

I'm  very chatty and I’m the best kisser ever- I lift onto my hind legs to reach up to you! My brother Kohl is much more discerning with his kisses, but when you do get a kiss from him it’s a wonderful thing. We would do well in a home where we’ll get plenty of gentle love and attention. We like when you play with us, and if you throw any of our balls in the air, we’ll jump up and catch them for you. We are also good at entertaining ourselves, chasing one another and playing with balls, toy mice, laser lights and more. We enjoy watching the world and birds from the window sills, and we love grooming one another. We also like greeting you with meows and leg rubs.

We are both curious, sweet, and inquisitive. Because we are deeply bonded and truly love one another, we must be adopted together. We quickly forged a place in our foster parents’ hearts, and we know we will do the same with you. We promise to make you smile and laugh out loud. With your love, patience, and playful attention- okay, and treats too- we will continue to blossom, and we will reward you with plenty of love in return. If you think you’d be a good match for Kohl and I, please come meet us!

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Must adopt with Kohl

Ashlea (2017)'s adopted!

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