9 Months Old - Vancouver

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Vikki is a sweet, sporty princess. She is very shy, but will reveal her energetic true self once she decides that she owns your place. She is an excellent soccer player, and can pass the ball through several chair legs and shoot it right in the gap between two pieces of furniture. She is very curious and sensitive to surroundings and changes. She will be the first one to observe you when you cook in the kitchen, and enjoys sniffing ingredients if you put it close to her nose.

As a proud little princess, Vikki doesn’t like to be pet like civilian cats, and only lets you to touch her nose. But once you lie down to watch TV, she will soon climb on your legs and choose your lap to be her royal cushion. Despite her royal heritage, Vikki spent her early days on the street with her brother, Vance, and it may take a few weeks for them to warm up to your home. Vikki has been such a loving sister to Vance. They love cuddling and grooming each other, chasing after each other from one room to another, and jumping up and down the bed. They especially love the laser pointer, and Vikki can dance in circles if you keep moving the beam! They are inseparable, and must be adopted together.

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