Omar ---

11 Years Old

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Omar is a gentle giant. He is 100% black. His black fur comes with white roots. Cat fanciers know this unusual coat color as "black smoke”. His fur is champagne soft. Omar is a quiet cat. He loves sitting on the windowsill, where he can watch the activities. He has never been outside, but has a strong curiosity about the outside world and harbors fantasies of catching a bird. Preferably a big one – like a crow or a gull. Omar thrives best in a low-stress environment. He gets along well with people, and other animals (he has lived with a dog); as long as everyone is respectful of him: Omar does not appreciate a game of chase where he is the target.

At night, he enjoys a warm body to snuggle up with. When he wants attention, he will flop himself down against you. He purrs and kneads and rolls onto his back. He prefers to spend his time relaxing, napping, stretching, and migrating toward wherever the head-buts and scritches can be found. He is trained not to scratch the furniture or jump on the counters. He likes a nice corrugated cardboard scratching board or carpet tree (sprinkled with cat-nip for added insanity). Omar is very low-maintenance. He has fastidious litter box habits. He is aloof with strangers but is otherwise affectionate and friendly. Omar is independent and not overly demanding, but he does love being around people.

Interesting Omar Facts:
• Omar’s tail is 14 inches long
• Omar is about 16 inches tall…..when sitting
• Omar has 5 white hairs on his chest
• Omar’s favorite activity is tackling the scratching post
• Omar believes that all human(s) are entitled to at least 30% of the bed
• Prince Omar believes that all pillows were meant for him to sit on so he can have extra softness for his rear
• Omar’s favourite drink is tuna juice
• Omar is 16 lbs of beautiful loving cat


Omar ---'s adopted!

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