Oscar (2)

9 Years Old - Vancouver

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Oscar is the king of cuddles. He will run to meet you at the door after a long day of work and will stay by your side for the rest of the night. He is a purr machine, especially if you hit the right places! He loves to climb up on you and cuddle up if you're on the couch, and especially while you sleep. Despite his cuddly nature, Oscar prefers to be the solo cat in the household as he is a little older, and he wouldn't be able to stand sharing your attention with another kitty!

At times Oscar can get overwhelmed, perhaps if there are too many new faces are in the house, or he can get overstimulated. During these times it is best to give him a bit of space to cool down. When we gets into one of these moods it is obvious to see as his tail may flick and his ears may go back. Do not let this worry you as it happens very rarely! He truly is the king of cuddling 99.9% of the time!

OK with older kids only


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