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2 Years 7 Months Old

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Oscar is a curious soul. He never hesitates to investigate a new cardboard box or feather toy. He is high energy, and loves to zoom across the house looking for new adventures.

Oscar enjoys his down time too. He likes to curl up on the bed at night for forehead scratches. If you gently rub his head right between his eyes, his little mouth will drop open in complete bliss. He also loves belly rubs, and will show off his fluffy tummy any chance he gets. If he's in the mood, he may even plop into your lap for some cuddles.

Oscar is a special kitty with a special care routine. His unique cotton-like fur requires meticulous daily brushing, and you must take extra care to brush his chest, stomach and hind legs as these areas tangle very quickly. He also needs his eyes wiped daily with a damp cloth. Fortunately, Oscar is an easygoing fellow who doesn't mind his daily grooming ritual.

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