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7 Years Old

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Kuma was born with the sweetest little nub of a tail. He looks so much like a little bear cub, that he was named “kuma,” which means “bear” in Japanese. Sadly, Kuma will never know the pure joy of chasing his own tail, but his siblings are generous with letting him chase theirs, and he has been known to chase his back foot. Kuma loves to play with the little tear-off plastic rings from milk and juce jugs. He carries them around in his mouth and growls when his siblings look interested in taking them away from him. He also likes to lay his elbows and forearms flat on the ring and slide around on it, propelled by his back feet on the hardwood floor, usually stopping when he runs onto the wall, or the edge of the carpet or some obsticle. When he’s super frisky, he likes to waggle the nub, which is just too cute for words! He is also super conscientious about burying his leftover food, though this is largely done symbolically on the hardwood floor. Still, once he feels he’s put in the effort, he’ll wonder off to do other things.


Kuma (adopted)'s adopted!

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