Mr Peanut

11 Years Old

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Mr Peanut is a relatively independent cat who is extremely well-behaved and docile. He enjoys running about for brief periods, usually just once a day. He sleeps through most nights in order to get a headstart on the day ahead. If he does wake up, he creeps about quietly and will rarely, if ever, disturb you except to snuggle on your bed.

Mr Peanut tends to be shy around strangers so he will feel most comfortable in a quiet home. While he will allow himself to being picked up and held, he would much prefer to jump into your lap at his leisure. Favourite pastimes include watching birds through a window while perched on a window ledge or lounging in his cat bed.

Mr Peanut prefers small meals throughout the day rather than two large ones. It is important to maintain him on a wet food diet; however, an occasional high-quality dry treat is acceptable and will be most appreciated!

While his foster mom thoroughly enjoys his company and will be saddened to see him leave, Mr Peanut is a very special cat who deserves a very special forever home. Might it be with you?


Mr Peanut's adopted!

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