Graphite 2...

1 Year 2 Months Old

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Graphite is a bit of a monkey and the lead explorer of his siblings. As this was written, he was contemplating jumping from the top of a chair to a lampshade! (He decided not to.) He quickly learns what's not allowed though, and it only took a couple of tries to teach him to stay off the table- at least when no one is around!

Graphite is very playful, and loves to tumble with his siblings. Whenever there's a game of chase going on you can be guaranteed that he's involved. He loves to annoy his siblings to no end, but he's also the kindest to them, and most games end with him grooming another kitten. He's a bit shy of people handling him, but is learning to enjoy it. 

Must adopt with a sibling, Beryl, Zircon or Opal 

OK with kids and dogs

Graphite 2017's adopted!

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