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8 Months Old

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Sootz is an entertaining little kitty who loves to chat and make little chirping noises as he plays. If he’s not playing with his younger foster brother Biscotti, he’ll be kicking a soft toy with his back feet and flinging it across the room. He’s very fond of his little green frog- rattle that around and you’ll see his curious little head pop out from around a corner!

Sootz is a timid kitty and will be shy initially, but give him time and once he warms to you he is a lovely, affectionate boy. He is happy being picked up, and will sleep at the end of your bed. Ask him if he’s ready for dinner, and he’ll respond with a soft little meow and a rub against your leg. He gets along great with other non dominant cats (dominant cats can be scary!), and has really bonded with his buddy Biscotti. The two of them groom, nap and play together, and would love to go to their forever home together! See videos of Sootz here: video 1, video 2, video 3.

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