7 Years Old

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Pearl is Merle's grey and white shadow. The two belong together, no question about it. Brother Earle is the more independent one of the bunch; Pearl and Merle are glued together, or at least attached with a bungee cord. The two little girls' antics are absolutely hilarious. Watching them playing together and bouncing around the place like a couple of tiny Tiggers brings absolute joy into every minute. Add in the third, Earle, and well, you'll live to be a hundred and twenty years old with all that serotonin coursing through your veins.

Sweet Little Pearl is chocolate box/jigsaw puzzle cute and pretty with her lovely grey and white markings. What a beautiful adult she's going to grow up to be. And the good thing is - she'll still be just as sweet.

Merle and Pearl need to be adopted together. (You already knew that, didn't you) To separate them would be a terrible crime.

Mom is PURRTRICIA  Siblings include EARLE, MERLE and PEARL


Pearle's adopted!

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