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13 Years Old

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Timmy is a lovely long-haired tabby. He has a gentle, sweet disposition and likes the company of people and other cats. He could probably adjust well to a home with a calm, sociable resident cat about his age.

Timmy is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day. Giving his medicine correctly is extremely important, but it is not difficult to do, and he's used to it. He's very cooperative and loves getting a treat afterward. He eats Wellness canned food twice a day about half an hour before getting his insulin; it's important to keep him on a regular feeding schedule (AM and PM meals, no snacking in between). He loves to eat, but his access to food must be controlled so he doesn't get sick. Treats and food (including people food you might leave on the countertop, like leftovers or a bag of bread) must be kept securely out of his reach so he doesn't sneak extra helpings. Timmy is currently healthy but should see a vet regularly to monitor and control his diabetes. 
Timmy isn't into chasing after toys, but he really appreciates a good scratching post or climbing tree so he can stretch out his paws and get a good view of things. This good-natured gentleman cat loves to watch the birds and bask in puddles of sunshine by the windows. He might not sit on your lap much, but he enjoys snuggling beside you and getting brushed or petted. If you like refined feline companionship, Timmy may be the fuzzy best friend you've been looking for.
OK with other cats

Louie (was Timmy, 2018)'s adopted!

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