7 Years Old

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Gorgeous Mary is a darling and an absolute delight! She’s super-friendly and very affectionate. She’s also quite a chatty conversationalist, especially around dinner time.

She would do well in a home with people who have lots of love to give and time to spend with her, as she loves human attention. She enjoys being groomed and petted every day. Even though she just had kittens, she’s quite the kitten herself. She absolutely loves to play and chase after toys!

We think Mary is extremely beautiful. She’s small, long and lean, with the most gorgeous eyes and lovely tabby colouring. She also has a really long tail and big round ears. Her body shape reminds us a bit of an African Wildcat (with stripes instead of spots)!

Mary & her sister May were born only a year ago and they both had their kittens on almost the same day. As a result they’ve been sharing the job of mothering all eight of their kittens and are a big, wonderful and happy family. Mary and May are very closely bonded to each other (as you can see from the video below) and must be adopted together. Whoever adopts them will be glad to know that both of them are very well-mannered cats with no bad habits.

We aren’t certain how well they would get along with other cats or dogs as we don’t know much about their previous home. We do know that they came from a home where the cats were not neutered or spayed and before too long the house was overwhelmed with 17 cats and kittens.

Here are some videos of Mary with her kittens, so you can see for yourself what a fabulous cat she is:

(at the end of this video you’ll also see a sweet kitten named Violet!)

Must adopt with MAY

NO other cats

Mary's adopted!

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