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5 Years Old

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Lady Bird is such a little lady. She is petite and ever so sweet! When she was just hours old all I could see was her little white beak-like nose, so much like that of a little bird that I started to call her Bird. Then it became Little Bird because she was the smallest in the litter and when I saw she was female I started calling her Lady Bird. The name just seems such a good fit and she is such a "girl". Sometime I hear crying as I approach the kitty nursery and it is usually Lady Bird, sitting in the middle of the room crying, wanting to be noticed and of course her tininess and cuteness just compels you to have to pick her up for a cuddle and if you have time she would cuddle with you for hours.

Lady Bird often initiates play by jumping onto her siblings who can be fast asleep. She will nip them in the butt and then run like...! She is lively and always on the go and loves to run up the cat-tree. She is very active enjoys stalking her toy mouse. She loves her little brother Gracy and they play together constantly. They chase each other over and under the chairs and around the furniture with super speed. When they’re all tired out the two of them will be found huddled together sound asleep. I don't know if it is because they are both small that they play together or that they just favour each other's company more than with the other kittens. I love to pick her up when she is sleeping as she sleeps sound and doesn't wake up and will continue to sleep in your arm.

She is very clean and always uses her litter box and likes to scratch on the scratching post. At nap time she likes to curl up with her siblings all squished up together in the box section of the cat tree.

Lady Bird and Gracy are closely bonded and must be adopted together. They are adorable together. They will be a joy to have in your home and will meet any if not all expectations you may have in having a cat for a pet.

Siblings include TIP, PIP, LADY BIRD and GRACY

MUST adopt with GRACY

OK with other cats
OK with young kids
OK with older kids

Lucy (was Lady Bird)'s adopted!

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