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6 Years Old

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Gizmo is a beautiful girl with soft fur and cheek bones so defined she might as well be a model. She’s also the weirdest cat. When you scratch her, she flops, snorts, quacks, drools, and gives affectionate nips. Her vocal range is endless, and she constantly narrates every aspect of her life, from the anticipatory sounds she makes as she’s about to jump to the little sounds she makes as she lands. Her time is mostly spent curled up sleeping with her pal Snuggly, bathing herself, and running around in the occasional burst of energy.

Gizmo, despite her actual personality, is incredibly shy at first. But if you keep your distance, give her food and treats, and let her see you give Snuggly some scratches, she’ll come to be friendly, affectionate, and bold. She loves sitting beside people and following you around. She and Snuggly are also perfectly content to keep each other company.

Must adopt with Snuggly

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