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5 Years Old

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Snuggly is the gentlest, most affectionate cat who loves to cuddle. When you scratch her, she headbutts you at ramming speed and purrs loudly. She likes to try and clean your hair, and loves to give gentle bites (she especially loves to bite noses). She’s exceptionally quiet, only making little squeaks when she’s hungry. When she’s not sleeping underneath furniture, her time is mostly spent cuddling with her friend Gizmo, or looking to get some pets.

Snuggly is curious about people she doesn’t know, and is glad to receive some scratches from strangers if she wants them. She also loves to play (watching her go at toys is endlessly entertaining), but if you're giving her some scratches, just be sure to pay attention to when she feels like playing (she never scratches or bites in any other circumstance other than playing). Snuggly has also lost most of her teeth to gingivitis. While she still has her fangs and a few front teeth, she can only eat soft food. Her lack of teeth never stops her from biting away at her toys, though! She and Gizmo are also perfectly content to keep each other company. 

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