10 Years Old - Vancouver

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Suki is an absolute sweetheart! When she wants you to pet her she will politely tap you with her paw, and at night she'll want to snuggle with you, and then will fall asleep leaning against your arm. During the day, she also likes to stay close and receive affection, whether that be rubbing against your legs, sitting on your lap, relaxing beside you, etc. It’s a rare event if you catch her not purring! She’ll also try to lick you, so watch out! She is a super well-behaved and low-maintenance cat. She doesn’t jump on counters, claw furniture, or beg for a meal- in fact, I can’t even recall a time where I had to tell her “no”.

Suki is so gentle and docile that she will even let you trim her nails without any fuss, and she never nips or claws. And although she is older, she is still healthy. She can be tempted to play with toys, and occasionally has bursts of energy that involve zooming around the house. Suki is shy and a little bit scared when she first meets people or when she’s in a new environment, but once she gets to know you and learns she can trust you, you will quickly become her much-adored best friend. All this lovely little lady needs to be happy and comfortable is a relaxed atmosphere where she is given lots of love. In return, she will capture your heart with her sweet disposition. 

Suki's adopted!

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