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2 Years 4 Months Old

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Heidie is an adorable kitty. After fretting each morning what to wear she usually settles on snow white boots in the back, sneakers in the front, and a grey blouse. Though shy, she is the more outgoing one between her and her brother Axel, and she's always keen for an adventure like exploring a new room, trying her skills on the piano, and finding the best spots to stalk her brother from. Without formal training she has taught herself the ancient cat ninja arts that include leaps of a thousand flips, death defying stuffed mouse juggling, and lethal fly-catching.

Heidie has gained much confidence within the last couple of months. She will let you pet her as she eats out of your hands, and will snuggle up against your leg. She is a curious rough and tumble kindle of girl with a very sweet side. She is sure to bring loving companionship to her forever parent.

Must adopt with Axel

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Heidie (2018 alumna)'s adopted!

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