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14 Years Old

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Trixie is a very pretty, dainty cat. She is tiny, slim, has soft downy fur and big beautiful eyes. She is a bit shy at first, but quickly warms to anyone. Children and babies frighten her, however, and she will keep her distance from them and hiss if they corner her. Trixie is very chatty and vocal but her voice is usually quiet and cute. She loves being pet as much as possible and will sit in your lap to cuddle, on her own accord. In the mornings she purrs up a storm and walks all over you in bed. If you pick her up, she makes a squeaky sound in defiance but never scratches. She prefers to always be free to walk around and not be held down. Trixie is not at all aggressive, but will sometimes bite softly or hiss when provoked. She usually eats her food.. Trixie needs a lot of attention. She will follow you around the house to get as many pets as possible. Trixie is very curious and loves small spaces and sitting on paper bags. Trixie is playful, mostly when she decides to be. She loves random things like twist ties and q-tips. She rarely scratches the couch and is fully litter-trained. She is a great companion, a definite heart-breaker.

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