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7 Years Old

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Bella is a very sweet kitty. She has the cutest purr that she will use to grab your attention when she is ready for some pets! She starts out shy and startles easily, but once she is comfortable she is simply amazing to have around. Bella is excellent at catching bugs and this is one of her favorite past times, along with chasing new toys and bringing them back to you for another throw.

Bella really enjoys watching television, and will also be right up on your lap the minute you pull out an iPad. She likes to try to catch the icons and really loves to play with interactive cat apps. Like Tux, Bella has learned to respond to her own name and comes to bed when called, giving little purrs along the way signaling she’s ready for some love.

Bella does not like to be picked up but she is getting better at tolerating it. She never scratches or gets hissy, but she will squirm if picked up for too long. Despite this, she loves to cuddle and will even let you hold her like a teddy bear while you are sleeping. She has a lovely purr and keeps your belly warm at night.

Bella is best friends with TUX. They are very attached to each other and love to play together, clean each other, and cuddle together. Bella tolerates Tux stealing her food. They are an absolutely amazing pair of kitties!

They would be ok with kids; better with older children who know how to give them space, as they can scare a little easily but they are extremely gentle and never hiss or scratch or show any signs of aggression.

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