5 Years Old - Vancouver

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Tweenie is a very smart, active guy. He knows how to play fetch with his triangle toy, although sometimes he lets you fetch it if he is feeling generous. He will jump up on your lap on his own terms and push his head into your hand to tell you he would like to be scratched. He's partial to dark hiding places like closets or behind couches to sleep so if you can't find him, that's probably where he is! He also has one cute toe on his back foot that is way longer than the rest.

Tweenie and his sister Tweetie are initially shy with new people and will always be a bit nervous, but once they warm up to you, they purr louder than you've ever heard. They'll also follow you around the house, observing what you are doing and talking to you. They love to clean each other up while hanging out on their cat post, and are very interested in watching what is going on outside.

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