1 Year 6 Months Old - Vancouver

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Vayda is a shy, happy kitty who enjoys snuggles and headbutts. She loves regular pets, but needs to be approached slowly or she bolts. She's very cautious around new people and it take her a few hours to warm up, but her curiosity eventually wins over her shyness. Butt scratches are her weakness, and she loves anyone who gets the right spot.

Vayda is pretty content to have a few prime sleeping spots and lots of toys to play with. She's shown interest in sleeping on the bed at night, and is known to try and steal the warm spot! She likes spending time with you on the sofa, just snoozing and watching TV.

Vayda is also a bit mischievous, and likes to steal things off counters and desks- anything can become a toy! She's very curious, and likes to get into and explore everything. She loves other cats, especially her sister Violet. They are always playing, rubbing up against each other, and twisting tails together. 

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