12 Years Old - vancouver

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Violeta is a very shy kitty, but once she gets to know you she will be a sweet companion. Her favourite thing to do when you're lying on the couch is to come up to your arm, put her head in the palm of your hand, rub her head, and then curl up and fall asleep. She is very cuddly as long as you're sitting still, but can be jumpy when people move around too much and sudden movements frighten her. She enjoys balls without bells, and plush toys that contain catnip. She has just started playing with wand/string type toys too. She's very smart, and enjoys doing puzzle toys with her food.  

Violeta tends to spend most of her days sleeping on the bed, or looking out the windows at the activity outside. She will talk back if you talk to her, and if you're not nearby she'll meow until you find her. She would do best in a one or two person household that is fairly quiet and stable, and it will take her some time to feel confident and trust her new surroundings and guardians. In the beginning she prefers to be under things and hides a lot. After becoming familiar, she'll be found more on the top of the bed or lounging by a window. 

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