1 Year Old - Vancouver

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Bobo is a gentle, sweet, and playful kitty. He's very curious to see what you're up to, whether you're turning on the faucet, loading the dishwasher, cooking, or opening the closet door. He also loves to check himself out in the mirror. He’s not a lap cat and he’s a little finicky about being pet, but once you figure him out, he’ll let you caress his head and neck while he purrs very softly.

Bobo loves scratching on scratching board, especially when there’s a little cat nip on it. He enjoys playing with plastic spring toys, jingly balls, and plushies. He also loves to play with, chase, and playfight with his sister, Bebe. When he’s in a calm mood he likes to nap on the soft blanket on the couch or chirp at birds from the windowsill. Will you be able to give these sweet kitties their forever home? See videos of Bobo here: 1, 2, 3, 4

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