1 Year 2 Months Old - Vancouver

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Pinky is a charming goofball. At first he gives the impression that he's a serious guy, ready to hiss if you cross his boundaries. He is timid by nature, does not like to be picked up, and will be the first to run when startled. However, very soon you realize he's also a stickler for attention, and he'll push his head against your hand to remind you it's time for cheek rubs. After meals he'll chirp and hop up beside you purring, sometimes even drooling slightly.

Pinky loves to cuddle with humans and his friend, Boni. At night they can chase each other for hours.They scramble after ping-pong balls and catnip plush toys, follow the red dot, and jump high for wand toys, but their absolute favourite toys are little spring ones. Pinky will do well with adopters who respect his space and join his regular play sessions. Watch a video of Pinky and Boni here.

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