Oreo (was ...

3 Years 11 Months Old

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Boots is a super cute, friendly cat. She makes the cutest little noises and meows. She loves chasing her ball and plays very gently with humans once she trusts you. She loves to lay in the sun on the window sill and puts on a show for people walking by who stop to watch (she rolls around and acts really cute!).

At night, Boots will sleep at the end of the bed by your feet or even on them sometimes! She is a very curious cat and loves to explore every inch. If you scold her for something she learns that it is not allowed, but sometimes when you're not looking she'll try to be sneaky and do it again! She doesn't fuss if you pick her up, but she doesn't really like it too much. She is affectionate, and will cuddle up once she fully trusts you.

Oreo (was Boots) 2017 Alumnus's adopted!

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