2 Years 9 Months Old - Vancouver West (Kerrisdale)

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Willa can be a very affectionate kitty. She's very shy and easily startled, but once she's comfortable with you she will demand your love. She has been known to headbutt your arm or hand, or tap you to get your attention. Willa thinks she’s the boss, and we let her think that even though we all know it’s really her foster sister, Dew.

Willa and Dew must be adopted together, as Dew is Willa’s security blanket. Dew does everything first to let Willa know that it is safe, delicious or fun. Willa loves to knead her bed when sleeping, but mostly she sleeps with Dew. It's hard to say no to her big beautiful eyes! Watch some videos of Willa's shenanigans here: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4

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