Tulip (201...

10 Months Old

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Tulip has the sweetest face that makes everyone fall in love with her. She is an absolute lovebug who wants nothing more than a big meal and a warm lap to snuggle up on. She loves to stare into your eyes, and isn't afraid to let you know when she'd like a good dose of pets and chin scratches. She's frequently found snuggling right on her foster's neck, purring and giving kisses.

Tulip loves to play with her siblings, but certainly enjoys human company as well. She's a vivacious but gentle little girl who loves to climb up onto your shoulder for a hangout and a sniff of your ears. When you enter the room, you're often greeted by her sleepy meow as she rolls over for a belly rub while purring.

Must adopt with Lavender or as a buddy to another cat

OK with kids

Tulip (2018 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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