There's just a few steps to complete and then your supporters will be able to sponsor you directly online. You'll get notified every time a donation is made and you'll be able to see your progress towards your fundraising goal. We've also created a fundraising toolkit to help you reach your goal.

Visit the CanadaHelps Fundraising Page section by clicking here

Once you're on the page click the "Create your fundraiser now" button. If you're a new user you'll be asked to create an account and if you're a returining user simply log in.

Now follow these simple steps:

Field Required

Information to insert


Who are you fundraising for?

Search for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association or enter 860234467RR0001.

A new window will pop up displaying a list of chairities. Click the "Add Charity" button next to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

VOKRA will now be displayed onyour fundraising page as your selected charity. Next to the picture of the kitten you'll see a drop down menu - please be sure to select Walk for the Kitties 2017.

Type of fundraiser

Personal Challenge

Enter the challenge

To raise money for VOKRA kitties!

Page Title

VOKRA Walk for the Kitties 2017

Set your fundraising period

Start date = today

End date = September 30, 2017

Fundraising Goal

Enter your goal amount

If you enter a fundraising goal you’ll be able to display progress against your goal on your fundraising page. This is a great way to share your progress with your supporters.

Page Owner

Enter your name

Display a list of supporters


Donation email alert (optional)

Yes. This gives you a chance to thank people on a timely basis for their donation.

Your fundraising story

Include a fundraising message to the people you're asking to support you.

Let people know why VOKRA's special to you and why you're walking.

It might be a personal connection to VOKRA or a special connection to a cat in your life.

CREATE FUNDRAISING PAGE – this will create your fundraising page and enable you to upload images and video


Feature Image

Upload an image that's meaningful to you. It could be your our kitty or a kitty you know was saved by VOKRA.

Add Image

You can add and caption additional images

Add Video

And you can add video too!


Save Images & Video

Click the link to save. Now you're ready to fundraise!

Once your fundraiser is ready send out the link to all your friends and family letting them know your walking for the kitties! Click here for a fundraising toolkit which includes a sample fundraising email.



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