Declawing: An Inhumane Practice

VOKRA is totally opposed to the declawing of cats. Look down at your hands and imagine your fingertips, up to the first knuckle, being cut off. That is what happens when a cat is declawed. It is subjecting a cat to 10 amputations!

In many European countries, declawing is banned, as it is considered torture. We at VOKRA view it the same way.

Declawing is not just simply removing what you see - the claw.
Declawing is multiple amputations. Motor and sensory nerves are cut, damaged, destroyed. While cats can go home safely the same day from most surgical procedures, vets usually recommend that a declawed cat remain overnight at their facility because of the possibility the cat will bleed to death.

Recovery from the surgery is typically slow and always painful (how could it not be painful?!). Since cats walk on their toes, this procedure can hinder the sensations and enjoyment involved in walking, running, springing, climbing, and stretching. Declawing can traumatize cats and change their temperament forever: they may become untrusting, fearful, bite, hide, or engage in inappropriate urination. The cats can no longer defend themselves ("but he's an inside cat so he doesn't need to defend himself" is a rationalization, not a sufficient reason for declawing). If the surgery isn't done correctly, your cat may literally be crippled for the rest of his life, or you may have to pay a second fee to have the problems corrected.

Scratching is a natural behaviour for a cat. You cannot extinguish it -- in fact it is essential to cats' well-being. They need to mark their territory, remove dead bits of nail, and stretch for exercise. The is to channel this activity to where you want it rather than where kitty feels it is appropriate.

Please visit our kitty care section for tips on training your cat.

VOKRA does not adopt to homes where a kitten will be declawed. In fact, if you did, you would be liable for a fine of $1000.

For more information on declawing, please check out these links:

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