Garden Sale

Garden Sale for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association

2586 West 12th Ave, at Trafalgar

Saturday and Sunday,9 - 5

April 16 & 17 AND May 7 & 8

If plants arrive early, we’ll be open Friday

Master Gardener clinic Saturday 10 - 2

We’ll have a terrific selection of beautiful blueberry bushes, carefully selected for flavour, large fruit, good yield, and aesthetic value (fall foliage). Every garden needs blueberries!

We'll also have beautiful clematis,lilacs,rhodos, azaleas,hydrangeas, hostas (many varieties, all slug resistant),large bags of compost, and more. Free advice from Master Gardeners and garden designers. Perfect Mother'sDay gifts. Excellent prices. Questions? Please email gardencare@shaw.cahhhhhhhhhhh

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