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10 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the Atrium Inn Vancouver, 2889 East Hastings Street
(light snacks included)

Featuring the following guest speakpurrs:

Addressing Common Cat Behavioural Issues
Presented by: Claudia Richter, DVM
10:15 a.m.

Have you ever had behavioural issues with your cat? Urinating outside the litter box, biting or scratching when playing with you or being aggressive with certain family members? These are common issues that can leave you and your feline friend feeling frustrated. Join Dr. Claudia Richter as she talks about these common behaviour issues and teaches you the steps to address them and restore harmony in your home.

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Dr. Richter has been practicing veterinary medicine in BC’s Lower Mainland for over 10 years. She spent 6 years owning and operating her own veterinary hospital where she focused on creating a modern, community focused, small animal practice. Over her tenure her practice achieved American Animal Hospital Association accreditation, the “gold standard” for veterinary practice medical procedures and management in North America, as well as the introduction of low-stress and fear free practice methodologies.

After years of practicing veterinary medicine in the Vancouver area, during which time she also spent many long days of “practice” with her own “high-maintenance” dog Kona, Dr. Richter recognized the need for a veterinary behavior specialist in the Lower Mainland area. This inspired Dr. Richter to start down the path towards fulfilling this need, with a specialization that she is working towards under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Martin, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Navigating the Emotional Impact of Pet Illness and Loss
Presented by: Jen Burton, CPCC, ACC
12 p.m.

Stuck in a whirlwind of emotions around the illness or loss of a pet? Worried about how you would cope in these situations?

Coping with the illness or loss of a pet can feel overwhelming and leave you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. You may hesitate to reach out for support for fear of being judged and worry your reaction isn't normal. You're not alone. Whether you're going through the experience now or want to build your emotional toolkit so it's there when you need it, this session will provide valuable insights and connection.

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Jen Burton is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and member of the International Coach Federation. She specializes in coaching pet parents who are going through the experience of pet illness or loss. Jen is a cat enthusiast and volunteers with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). Supporting pet parents is how she honours the memory of her first two cats, Baxter and Scooter, who passed in 2015.

Fostering 101 – The Fostering Experience
Presented by: Morgan Brayton
1:15 p.m.

Have you ever thought about fostering a cat or litter of kittens, but aren’t sure what to expect or if you could do it? Every year, VOKRA has 600 - 900 kittens come through our doors. We rely on foster parents to care for these kittens and their moms or one of the many other cats we also see. Morgan Brayton has fostered over 130 kittens and cats as a VOKRA volunteer. She will share her experience and stories to connect you to the joys and challenges of opening your home to cats in need. She will also provide general information on the fostering process and what the day-to-day care looks like. There will be an opportunity for questions as part of this workshop, and there will also be VOKRA representatives at our information table before and after the session if you would like more information.

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In addition to being a long term VOKRA volunteer and foster, Morgan Brayton is a member of the live comedy thing The Lady Show and the host of OutTV's Morgan Brayton & Other People. She is also involved with The Debaters on CBC and a variety of things on the Knowledge Network. She has also guest starred in several other television shows including iZombie & A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Caring for Your Cat
Presented by: Karen Duncan, VOKRA Co-Founder
2:30 p.m.

Do you ever dread trimming your cat’s nails? Does the thought of giving your cat medication give you the shakes? Does grooming your cat feel like a losing battle? Karen Duncan, co-founder of VOKRA, will help you better understand cats and strategies to give medication, trim nails, avoid household hazards, enhance playtime, supporting your cat’s health, myths about spaying and neutering, and more! There will also be time for your general cat care questions.

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Karen Duncan co-founded VOKRA and has dedicated her life to the rescue and care of endangered animals especially cats and kittens. In addition to her sons & beautiful granddaughter, Karen’s family includes five rescue cats, a rescue dog and one rescue parrot.

Animal Law 101- A Basic Animal Law Primer
Presented by: Victoria Shroff, BA Hons, LLB
3:45 p.m.

This workshop will provide a general overview of animal law and pertinent legal examples. Victoria will also review pets and housing, and Human Rights and animals in the legal context. She’ll also touch on her animal law outreach program Paws of Empathy, which runs in elementary schools. There will be an opportunity for questions as part of the workshop.

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Victoria Shroff is one of the first and longest serving animal law practitioners in Canada. She is a trailblazer who has practiced in the unique area of animals and the law for nearly 20 years. Truly a change-maker in ethos, she gives a voice to voiceless animals. She is based in Vancouver at Shroff and Associates and is also erstwhile Adjunct Professor of animal law at UBC’s Allard Hall Law School.Ms.Shroff has been recognized for her work in animal law, was a finalist nominee for Canadian Lawyers' Top 25 in 2018, and is frequently interviewed about animal matters in mainstream media. She also regularly writes about animal law issues for various publications.

Ms.Shroff has experience at all levels of court in B.C. and focuses her practice on helping animals in all areas of the law, including both wild and companion animals. Types of cases she has done include pet custody, pet liability, dangerous dog cases, animals in transportation, lab animal issues, tainted pet food, cat and dog hoarding, serious dog bite, veterinary malpractice, urban wildlife, pet insurance, horse cases, cruelty, defamation---anything related to animals and the law. Ms.Shroff has lectured on animal law locally and internationally. As part of her community animal law outreach, Ms Shroff founded and runs an animal law and social literacy outreach program called 'Paws of Empathy' inspired by the Dalai Lama and Jane Goodall which she teaches with a dog or two in elementary school. For more information on Ms. Shroff's work click here.

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