At VOKRA we strongly believe in the health benefits of wet or raw food only diets.

We only feed our cats high quality wet food free from grains, by-products, meatmeal and colours. In fact, FirstMate & Kasiks Pet Food is our first choice - they're local, family owned & operated and only use natural, human grade meats with no artificial preservatives, colouring agents or thickeners in their canned diets.

Cats are designed by nature to be carnivores and their digestive tract, despite thousands of years of domestication, is not intended to assimilate dry food. From our own experience, feeding your cat wet or raw food is the best way to keep it happy and healthy with clean teeth and a glowing coat.

Highly processed pet food is a far cry from the wholesome food our pets need and deserve. Contrary to popular belief, dry food does not keep teeth clean; in fact, it causes plaque to form. Free feeding of dry food is also often the cause of problems such as obesity and kidney disease, especially in males.

Unfortunately, dry processed food is presented in the most incompatible state for the digestive requirements of cats (and was designed for human convenience) so the body must work anywhere from 12 - 18 hours to break it down. This means the kitty is always half full and in a constant state of digestion. This is why a cat who is a natural "hunt, catch, kill" predator picks at dry processed food and then walks away. It transforms the kitty into a grazer (like a deer) and not a predator designed to eat everything then groom then sleep and then get up and do it all over again when hungry. Feeding a cat dry cat food can not only lead to serious health issues, but also behavioural issues and a cat that keeps you up at night on a nocturnal clock.

On the other hand, raw food moves through the body within four hours and wet food takes 8-12 hours for the body to metabolize it.

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Some of our fosters cats are on a raw diet and many of our team feed only raw and have done so for years. If you’re in Vancouver and would like to order from a distributor, VOKRA co-founder Karen Duncan sells Club Canine from her home. You can reach her at with any questions about raw cat or dog food. You can also visit to learn more.

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