We highly recommend a raw diet for kittens, cats and dogs?certainly not pizza! That kitty on your lap has been designed by nature to be a carnivore and the digestive tract, despite thousands of years of domestication, is intended to assimilate raw meat best. From our own experience, it is the best way to keep your four-footed family members happy and healthy with clean teeth and a glowing coat.

In fact, some of our foster kittens are on a raw food diet.

Some of our fosters cats are on a raw diet and many of our team feed only raw and have done for years. If you come into Vancouver and would like to order from a distributor, Karen Duncan, our president, sells Club Canine from her home. Reach her at with any questions on raw cat or dog food. Her prices are a bit less than stores. The site for info on this food and other places to buy it is:

Animals fed on raw diet tend to drink less water, so don't worry if the water bowl isn't going down much. Teeth keep much cleaner due to natural enzymes in meat and another side effect (or benefit) is in elimination: smaller and less frequent feces with very little odour and the same for urine. It is extremely rare for cats to develop urinary crystals on this diet. Pricing is likely about equal to feeding one of the good quality canned foods we recommend, e specially once the kitten is full grown. Years ago we had most of our kitties on raw but as we started to have hundreds and hundreds of animals coming in each year, we had to switch in order to easily have food go out to our many foster homes.

"Cooked" processed pet food is a far cry from the wholesome food our pets need and deserve. Contrary to popular belief, dry food does not keep teeth clean; in fact it causes plaque to form. Free feeding of dry food has also caused huge problems of obesity as well as kidney disease, especially in males. Please read an excerpt from an article by Julie Ann Lee, DCH, of Adored Beast:

"The main question I ask my clients regarding nutrition is this. Would they feed their children exclusively on food from cans and boxes, supplemented with processed vitamins and minerals? Never a fresh fruit or vegetable? The answer, of course, is no.

Raw food contains enzymes and does not rob the enzyme-excreting organs in order to break down food reaching the stomach. Digestive enzymes are found in the cells and fluids of the body. They are specialized protein substances that speed up and create chemical reactions. They do not exist in commercial pet foods because the manufacturing process kills them.

Degenerative diseases, and cancer in particular, have been linked to enzyme deficiencies by researchers at universities in the UK and the US. Experiments with enzymes are being conducted on auto-immune diseases, most notably the HIV virus. There has been an increase of such diseases in animals, so these experiments are relevant for pet owners.
- Dr.Julie Ann Lee, DCH, RCSHom."

There is a wealth of information online regarding the benefits of raw food. Here is a link to get you started. All About Raw Food by Dr. Larry Siegler

If you are unable to feed your cat raw food, VOKRA recommends the following brands of food: First Mate, Wellness, Azmira, Innova. We do not recommend any super market brands, ever, or feeding dry food.

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