VOKRA is always taking applications from individuals and families who would like to foster. VOKRA provides all of the food, supplies and other equipment to our foster homes, as well as ongoing support and advice. You simply provide the care, attention and love and keep VOKRA regularly informed about the foster cat(s).

We foster to indoor homes only, no exceptions. We therefore require you to have secure screens on your windows and to ensure the cats cannot get out of your home at any time.

We have a variety of fostering situations as we take in orphaned kittens, feral kittens, pregnant mothers, mothers with kittens and adult cats (female and male). Each year we need temporary homes for more than 1,400 kittens and cats! Our busiest time of year is between April and October, but we need foster homes year-round.

Fostering can be quite intense: in the case of sick or bottle-fed young ones, feeding and care can be needed every two hours, around the clock.

Other foster situations can be quite easy: a litter with a mom cat requires very little of your time.

For those who work during the day, kittens on solid food can be fed according to your own schedule. Feral kittens have different challenges, but taming them is extremely rewarding.

We encourage teenagers or young adults to consider fostering, rather than adopting, as they're more likely to be moving or travelling in the coming few years. Fostering gives all the joy and fun of having kittens or cats around, without the long-term commitment of adopting.

For families who want their children to experience the birth of kittens, we would much rather "lend" a momma cat and babies than have more kittens brought into a world that already has too many homeless felines. VOKRA mother cats are spayed after their kittens are weaned.

You can foster as often as you like, one group at a time. For the cats health, we do not mix litters.

We require your own animals to have been vaccinated at some point in their life and to be in good health. Even so, it is not advisable for the fostered animals to mingle with your cats for a week to 10 days to ensure no colds or other illnesses have been brought in. Friendly older cats can be a great comfort for the little orphaned kittens and so can friendly dogs, once the isolation period has passed.

The space required for fostering is a spare room or bathroom where the foster kittens/cats can be separated from your own animals.

The length of time foster kittens are with you will depend on how soon they are ready to be adopted and how long it takes us to find the right home for them. It can vary from as little as a week to several months. We will move them to another foster home if necessary.

And yes, one of the most difficult things with fostering is parting with the kitties. Many of our foster parents shed more than a few tears when their fosters leave. However, the sadness is balanced by the satisfaction of knowing you played a crucial role in rescuing these kittens and cats, and sending them off to a loving, safe home.

If you would like to apply to become a foster parent, please fill out the Foster Application form

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