Happy Tails

From Maki K:
This is Biscuit and Pudding (formerly Mocha and Latte). I adopted them almost 2 years ago and they have brought so much joy into my life. They like to follow me around and when I'm in a closed room without them, they'll cry until I open the door.

These boys are a blessing to me - I can't imagine life without them. They are my pride and joy and I am thankful for every day that I have with them! And to VOKRA for bringing us together. It was love at first sight. From that day on, I vowed to give them the most comfortable, secure and safe home I possibly could. Thank you for everything.

We are happy with Topaz. She is going to be quite a big cat it appears and has an amazing amount of energy when she plays.

She loves to be petted and will chose to sit on a lap occasionally now. She seems to be quite at home with us.

Colby (Waffles) is doing very well. I'm so happy Colby is with us - he fits in so well with the family and even has us on his routine!

Peter and Simba from VOKRA on their birthday.

Sami is settling in quite nicely. He really is such a cutie and I think he has made this his home now.

Jinx! and The Duchess (formerly Aila and Kayla) are settling in. They were so comfortable within a very short amount of time in our place, and now it seems like they've lived here forever.

They've enjoyed watching our bird feeders through the big window (kitty TV), and have found every toy our previous cat had ignored for years and scattered them around the house.

Thanks again for the opportunity to bring these wonderful little creatures into our lives.

Tuna (formerly known as Thompson) is a wonderful cat - so friendly and cuddly.

Cabbage is so happy she has found her forever home.

Dexter and Rocko are sure happy they are friends forever. Dexter loves his new little brother, Rocko. It may be a foster fail but I see it as a huge win!

These two siblings are so very lucky they get to spent their lives together.

Kringle looking at the rain.

Sebastian and Scarlett (Pippen and Jasmyn) sleeping.

Billy P., previously Timmy.

Izzy, previously Siource.

Shadow, previously Sirius.

Akeelah, adopted in November 2009.

Mervin (now Sly). Sly has already formed a deep bond with his step-brother Raj. He's still shy around his adopter but is getting better day by day.

I adopted Murphy just over two weeks ago and am smitten with him. He is smart and playful and absolutely adorable :)

Here are Chili and Luna (previously Hera and Isis) enjoying a nap. Thank you VOKRA, we love having them in the family.

VOKRA kitty Luc (Captain Picard).

VOKRA kitty Kirk (Captain Kirk).

Nico (Michaela), my first adopted, with Turnip. My husband and I have never been happier. Fun, sometimes fur-strating times, but loving times indeed!

Deacon (aka Dandelion, black) and Twister, two foster failures.

Deacon plays ball and often wakes me up in the night with a pom pom or something for me to throw so we can play catch. Twister loves to play with the fishing line and feathers and can do amazing acrobatics just to catch them. We love them to pieces.

This is Timothy and Vivienne (formerly Kipling and Nymeria). We adopted them in January of this year. Definitely a handful but we love having them around!

Jack (formerly Jordan) is a big suck. We adopted him almost 2 weeks ago and adore him.

My parents adopted Penny, now Lacey, from VOKRA in January. She was pretty timid at first, but is slowly and steadily coming out of her shell. She's such a beauty!

My little boys! Here are Token and Rodferd at their forever home recharging their batteries after some serious playtime exertion.

This is Beloved, the gorgeous kitty I adopted almost a month ago :)

Marbles and Amelia are doing very well in their new home. Thanks VOKRA!

Here is Archibald (front) and Percival. Buddies that we adopted at age 11 in 2009. One of the wisest decisions we ever made! Still bringing joy in 2013. :)

Roxy and Sebastian (formerly Zak), adopted November 2012 from VOKRA. Happy and very, very loved.

Velma Kelly, now Emily!

Heidi (head up) and her kitten Abbie. These two helped me deal with the loss of my 20-year-old kitty.

Star our one-eyed wonder cat. She is loving, goofy and beautiful and I can't remember my life without her.

Rupert (grey, formerly Willy) and Ingrid (black, formerly Shyla) were adopted in August 2011. We love them so much and are so grateful to VOKRA for uniting us with them.

Piper was adopted in December. She is almost nine months now and is such a gem. We bonded almost immediately and she was only in hiding for several hours before coming out to explore and within days she was very comfortable.

She is still afraid of loud noises (and the vacuum cleaner) and when people come over she is shy for a short while and then comes out to see what is going on. She has grown and is very healthy. She plays lots and is super curious...which often makes me laugh.

Squiggles and Afghan are doing well.

Popsicles and her kittens.

Mya has adjusted very well and quickly with her new home. She stays near me right from the beginiing and sleeps with me. She still doesn't like to be picked up and not much into petting but I am sure that will come.

Solstice and Equinox. VOKRA sister & brother who we adopted about 20 months ago and who are now 2! We love them lots :)

Things with Daisy are good, although we have changed her name to Penelope, "Penny" most of the time. Her and Goonie get along fairly well now, they play together and she isn't as hostile as she was at first.

Lily is amazing. She has settled in awesomely. Loves her food, loves her house, has taken over completely. Her toys are all over the house.

Both my kids love her to bits, and me well she knows I am a softy.

Here is Bullet with our 7 year old... trying on clothes. He was such a trooper. He has NEVER scratched or hissed. He's exceptionally tolerant of the kids. He's a sweet little guy and our family loves him.

Adopted Cody and Romeo in December. Two adorable brothers that love to play and cuddle. Thank you VOKRA.

I adopted my wonderful kitty, Yoshi, from VOKRA about four years ago, and she is the best cat in the world. We have so much fun together, and she makes every day better.

Thank you for the amazing work you do, and for connecting kitties and people like Yoshi and I.

Darla loves to cuddle. We had company last weekend and she didn't even bat an eyelash that there were strangers in her home. She even went so far as to take a nap on our friend's lap while he was lounging on our couch.

Rae, with her new best friend Ivan, is very happy with her new family.

Freya, Sage (tabby) and Smokey. Two generations of fail-fosters, all now members of a very happy human/feline household. They adore each other and play and snuggle together constantly.

Max was eating with some feral cats for four years before I was able to rescue him. He is gentle and sweet and LOVES being an indoor cat and loves receiving lots of attention.

My handsome grey teddy bear Dodo.

Rescued by Maria, Dodo lived in the VOKRA barn for a while before I was lucky enough to find him.

Pandora and Lazuli were adopted in September and are now 9 months old!

Sadie, rescued from a forest campsite just out of Greenwood with her three kittens.

Foster-fail Toe! Rescued with his siblings, they were very sick, just skin and bones. His sibs died but Toe thrived, even with a bad case of ringworm that had his foster bathing him daily.

Several VOKRA fosters had Toe before us; our gratitude to everyone who nurtured this special guy's loving, social nature. Toe loves his new bros Flynn and Flash and enjoys his part time job as a companion to our foster kitties.

Lucy napping on Zorro's head! Such a protector.

They both lived in the barn for a year before I adopted them. They now live in the kitty Hilton.

Napoleon, Tasha, and Sequoya.

Xena, who is five, is our big, perfect cat. She is adored by her sister Brie, and by all of our foster cats, who follow her everywhere that they can, hoping that she will share some of her secrets with them.

Xena knows stuff y'see. She is beautiful, calm and collected, loves good-natured chit chat and high fives, and has recently taken up the hobby of photography. She actually has a better camera than me.

Little Miss June Bug. The love of my life, or most current obsession - you choose.

Merle and Pearl at their purrmanent home.

Xander, adopted November 2009. Now big and fluffy!

Five year-old Gabrielle is our little, odd cat. Queen Brie is much loved by all in our house.

These are my orange boys Finlay (right) and Reilly (left). They were part of a large orange hoarded family!

Jessie, adopted in 2012. He is the sweetest goofball you can imagine! We love him so much :)

Zozie and Weasley, adopted in October 2011.

These two are the friendliest, most cuddly cats I have ever known. They have never even given us the slightest hiss - always good tempered and happy, happy, happy!

Tambo was rescued from under a building with a litter of her babies in 2004.

Belle and Jewel at seven months, happy at home.

Leonard and Penny. They do love to sleep together and if you pair that with a lap then they are even happier. They are the cutest siblings and love Bandit (the dog) almost as much as they love each other.

We love our VOKRA kitten Kelpie!

Clementine and Valencia, adopted December 23rd. They were the best Christmas presents I could ever receive.

The volunteers at VOKRA were amazing! I could tell that they do it for the love of the kitties.

The girls are curious and playful and I can't wait for our many years together.

This is the face I wake up to every morning!

Six (!) years ago I adopted a pregnant mamma cat who birthed a litter in my kitchen. I kept one kitten, Buster Vance, and his loving mum. Buster is a delight, and his smarmy face makes me smile, first thing every day.

Thanks VOKRA!

It's been over a year since we adopted Panda and Dora and we love them so much.

Thanks for all you do!

We brought Candy home in December of last year. We have named her Cleo, after Cleopatra, as we thought her big ears and sphinx-like face needed something with Egyptian flare.

What a Christmas blessing she was, and what amazing addition to our little family. We couldn't be happier!

Cleo seems to be enjoying her new life, and we just wanted to thank you for making it possible.

I've now had Hoover for a full month. He's in my arms as I type this, as he's never one to turn down a chance to cuddle - or to play.

He's very social and loving; he's popular with all of my friends and loves to get an armpit rub while flopping in someone's lap. He likes sitting on his scratching post, making biscuits, catching mice, and taking long, romantic walks in the sooty fireplace.

He is a very special guy who brightens up my days.

Just wanted to share that Desi (her new name is Ila) and the dog have become friends!

Ila is so happy.

She follows her mom everywhere and sleeps right on her mom's pillow at night.

Yawning after a big nap. George says happy New Year!

She was shy, almost feral at the beginning, hiding in any corner she could find. Now she is proving to be the more courageous of the two.

A week later, as soon as she sees me, she makes those welcoming meows and starts purring loudly.

She loves rolling around feet, purring then going to her scratching pole to exercise her arms.

Her brother is two-thirds her size. He tries to come across as the protector of the family, making a hush hiss as soon as he sees you.

But now he is turning into a mush, rolling his stomach over to anyone who pets him.

Adventurous and playful, he loves running after balls and playing with his feather toys.

Right now, Oskar’s (formerly Hercules) favourite things are: playing fetch (he did this all on his own immediately), chasing and wrestling with his sister, putting his toys in people's shoes and sleeping on Mommy or Daddy's lap.

He is everything I hoped he would be and the best Christmas present I could have wished for.

Thank you VOKRA, you saved his life so he could be in mine.

Bubbles is doing great! He is such a good boy and has adjusted really well.

He sleeps with me at night curled up on my pillow, and runs around the apartment during the day. He loves looking out our sliding glass door and today I had him out on the balcony with me and he loved nussling up against our plants while I watered them.

I'm lucky to have him!

Spice found a forever home through VOKRA.

Bowie is settling in very well. Right now he's having a rest on the rocking chair in the sun after having a mad half hour up and down the stairs and under the couch.

Thanks again. Bowie is a lovely little fellow!

Blossom and Sachi, now Sidney and Dobby, are just over a year old now and are still full of piss and vinegar! We're so glad we chose them!

Kildala and MacAlister are doing wonderfully!

These two kitties provide us with hours of entertainment! He is the most affectionate lap cat I have ever had which brings me so much joy! And she loves to trot up to me for some vigorous pats, which of course turn into her playing/biting my arm. Hilarious!

These two kitties have brought so much joy to our home--I really think it wasn't just us that chose them, but that they also chose us:).

VOKRA kitten Choko with her new step-brother Mojo. They are best buddies.

Geoff and Lily’s first day at home.


I love my new cat so much. It's like we were waiting for each other. We fit like toast & jam.

Maybe all disabled people should get in touch with you to foster. Many people who become disabled feel that there's nothing worth doing or caring about. I really believe that VOKRA may help people find a purpose in life much faster if they knew that they had a living creature who needed them even as they are after an injury.

Thank you so much for the first real "angel" with fur. There are no words that can describe the joy MJ brought into my life. Please know I will never forget the best gift I ever received in my life.

All of you will have a special place in my life forever.


Peanut is doing great.

I took him to visit the hospital before we came home on Sunday and he cuddled up with Jim right away. Jim looked at him and called him a peanut and he blinked so that has become his name. He didn't so much as make a peep on the drive home.

I've had lots of laughs so far with him in the few days he's been with me. He is very inquisitive and explores everything and at times is a spazz kitty.

He is definitely the one for me.


Taj from Terrace is very comfy with his new family!

Sunny, now Charlie Parker, and Star.

VOKRA kittens Firefly and Flicker (now Kylie and Hobbes) getting big and very happy in their forever home.

My VOKRA son. Three and a half years ago this little angel came into my life. I love him sooooo much!!

He's settling in so well! (At the moment he's napping on the couch, but he was super active this morning.)

We're really loving having him here, he fits in very well!

Toby and Mel have settled in.


Monkey and Thunder are very healthy and happy with amazing personalities. You'd never know they were born to such a fierce feral mother.

They're curious, friendly, confident and incredibly sweet!

I adopted Ninja (originally Pipsy) about two years ago now after fostering her for a while.

She was a very timid, shy cat. Eventually she warmed up to me but would still be very shy around other people.

Over time, though, she has grown into the most loving cat ever. She is the cutest little thing who loves to pose for the camera and cuddle up on anyone's lap the moment they sit down.

I couldn't be happier!

Rupert, now known as Ike, before and after in his forever home.

Pera, now called Kitty, is really healthy and awesome.


Khloe and Fumee (also known as Anna and Janna).

Wilbur turned two today! For those of you who don't know or don't remember, Wilbur was one of my VOKRA fosters - the runt of the litter, weak, homely, sick, near death until Healing Place Vet and I nursed him back to health.

Hard to believe this little runt turned into the alpha of my house of cats! Here is my birthday card for Wilbur. Enjoy!

About a year ago I adopted two kittens from VOKRA, Colin and Angus. They're now called Bismarck and Parnell and are growing into beautiful adult cats.

They bring me joy every day with their affection and playfulness.

Thanks for all your great work,

Kringle, at home in his new house!


A few months ago we adopted a nine-month-old kitty who we have named Figaro as he looks just like the kitten from Pinocchio!

Just wanted to let you know Figaro is doing awesome and we love him so much.

He's the goofiest, playful cat, which makes him a ton of fun - can't imagine life without him now! Figaro was the perfect addition to our home. Thank you VOKRA!

Jenelle & Scott

Here's our amazing kitty Yoshimi! We're so glad we adopted her (especially from an awesome organization like VOKRA)!


Tara (formerly Cream).

Bella and Pip (formerly known as Kleo and Purrsee).

Khloe, aka Anna, having a sleep with her blankie.

Mr. Bigglesworth and his new sister!

Charlie, loving her to bits and pieces :)


Tommy, aka Bradshaw.

A year ago today, Hope (formerly Lee Anne) was rescued in Surrey. She was hungry, pregnant, flea-infested and had worms.

Suffice to say, she's come a long way in the past year. Thank you VOKRA, not only for saving our kitty but for all the fantastic work you do on behalf of the other kitties who so desperately need it.


Lulabelle is settling in well. We love her to bits! Lula is so caring and a needy little thing, just now she was crying for us to come with her in the room just to cuddle. I can't believe how quickly she adapted to our lifestyle.

Thanks again for helping us find our little princess!

Our two new kittens have been renamed Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin because they are black and white, and Charlie has a moustache and a kink in his tail, making it look like a cane.

Thanks VOKRA!!

Gemini (Ruby) and Mango (Jake) are doing great, are in perfect health and have reached the ripe old age of two.

They are still very attached to each other as they were as kittens. They are happy and content and live with their housemate Harry, who was adopted from the BCSPCA in March 2011.

Jack and Pilot, happy with their owner!

I just wanted to post a photo for anyone who may remember this little guy. His name was "Tayo" when I adopted him in 2008. I changed it to Zombie because, come on!

He is the light of my life, my little buddy. He is HUGE and messy and crazy. He's perfect!

I never really got a chance to thank VOKRA for all their hard work in getting him from Christina Lake to Vancouver. It's appreciated every day! Know that he is a happy, healthy little guy and he is very very loved by a lot of people every day!

I am a very lucky person to be able to adopt these three adorable male kittens nearly one week ago.

Thanks to all the dedicated and caring people at VOKRA for rescuing them and bringing them back to good health!

They are lovely animals!

This is Binx (formerly Kip, kitten of Thia) who I adopted from VOKRA in April :) He is my little snuggler.

This month is my VOKRA adopted kitty Frida's (Calypso’s) first birthday!

Thanks VOKRA for all of the hard work you do!!!

Aslan is doing great! He's pretty comfortable all around the house now, and the kids adore him.
He loves to sleep up close to our necks, and is easy with the kids snuggling him.

The little man's worn himself out already today! And Maude's done the same.

Today is Pepper's (Skunky Magoo) first birthday. He has grown into a lovely big fluffy boy. Gentle and funny and rather sensitive and shy.

Little Sage is now a permanent member of our family. Our older cats made it very clear that there was no way he'd be allowed to leave. :)

Little Sage relaxing. I think he's very happy to be a permanent part of the family.

Sweet little Avery-Lou is in love with my son ... Wags her tail with crazy excitement every time she sees him. Endless cuddles and playtime... She has settled in very quickly! :-)

Ella and Franco (formerly Mittens and Boots) … are generally very happy cats. Ella has totally come out of her shell, and Franco didn't have much shell to come out of!

Surprisingly, Franco is the least interested in being warm and cuddly. Ella generally hops up on the sofa and sits nearby, and loves to be touched -- just not held.

They are both very vocal. Franco tends to talk -- quite loudly -- when he wants something (which is usually to be entertained). Ella is more of a conversationalist ... she just chats.

Here's Tucker napping. They are so happy with their new home!

Sahara getting playful! She doesn't like it when we ignore her while on the laptop.

Coco (formerly Tim Tam) and Pika (formerly Pavlova).

Dexter and his new favorite blanket ... my old favorite blanket.

We have given Franklyn a new name! We have been calling him Oliver and he now responds to that.

Also, Jelly (formerly Kali) has accepted him! She is still territorial and prone to a bit of acting up if she's feeling a balance tip in Ollie's favour ... but I caught her snuggling in a chair with him giving him a nice cat bath until he fell asleep, purring, curled into her.

She has been teaching him to scare the squirrel who eats at our bird feeder, to monitor the birds carefully, and to spy on the neighbours. They tumble around the apartment until they fall exhausted into catnaps.

Marlin is still beautiful.

We recently brought home Peter and Paul and they are lovely. They are coming out of their shells and even staring to play with us.

Here they are having a cuddle in the bathroom sink (they have a bed ... but they love the sink for some reason).

The two kids are getting along well. Jupiter is so happy to have his new friend around to keep him entertained. Luna was at my parents' house for a few days this month while I was out of town and she was so well behaved and everyone loves her.

Note from Luna’s foster mum: I wasn’t sure Luna would find a furrever home so when [her new owner] came to meet her I had my fingers crossed. She is having a wonderful life with people who adore her.

Tora meditating in her garden. She's a happy girl.

JJ and Taylor, adopted six months ago, are both wonderful kitties and are enjoying life together!

Taylor has some slight visual impairment, but as you can see she can still get herself into mischief. I am sure that her little devil sister baits her into things.

Tora the VOKRA wondercat has decided she likes freshwater best and will sit in the sink until someone turns it on for her.

She will drink for a couple of minutes and then come out with the side of her face soaked!

She has a clean bowl of fresh water that she also drinks from but this is her new habit. She makes us laugh every day.

Hamish, found at a garbage dump in Terrace, B.C., is now called "Wiggum."

He's such a sweet boy, I just have to look at him and he starts purring.

I've woken up the last three mornings with him snuggling up to me cheek-to-cheek. Hard to believe how much his life has changed in the space of a month, but he's clearly appreciative of it.

Just a little note about the cat with the most extravagant whiskers and plumy tail.

He has decided that I am in fact not "the person who ruined his life." He does not do "daytime" appearances but is very happy to roam around at night and periodically park himself on my bed for lavish pats and belly rubs. He is also making himself available from under the bed within reach for daytime pats.

Life with Briar is a joy! We think we have the world’s best and cutest and smartest cat. He spent the first night under my son's bed, but within 12 hours he was out, purring and cuddling. The next day he ventured farther -- out of the bedroom and down the hall a bit. Day three he conquered the Empire of Downstairs and now he pops up everywhere. He's purring behind the monitor now as I type.

We've seen the same trajectory with his playing; at first it was all about cuddles and reassurance -- now he's egging us on to ever more ingenious games.

He certainly has added more to our lives than I ever imagined. (But darn, it sure is hard to get things done!)

Spooky (Oct, 1999) -- Spooky is my best friend -- she has a uniquely close and loving bond to me that is unlike any experience that I have had with another feline. She loves to cuddle and is very talkative. The closeness that I have with her is wonderful.

Snugs (July 2010) -- Snugs is a beauty -- she is very affectionate and yet independent. At times she likes to be in her own space atop the scratching post. She loves it when I talk to her.

Maisie (November 2011) -- Maisie is unique -- she is independent, serene in her beauty and loves to bounce around, almost with a child-like exuberance. She loves cooked organic meatballs.

Pirate (new name Blazer) is adjusting well.

He has already climbed on my lap with intense purr and slept. Early this morning he meowed loudly for food.

I'm spending time with him in his own room, where he is going to be staying for the next few days until he is ready to explore the rest of the house.

Two and a half years ago I decided my five-year-old cat needed at kitten to play with, as my 10-year-old would have nothing of him.

So I adopted a little orange kitty from VOKRA.

Here are my boys today:

Panther is the most amazing cat! We are so lucky to have him. It took him a couple days to get used to us but once he was he became extremely affectionate and playful.

He has become quite obsessed with water and likes to play in the bath when it's still wet from someone taking a bath. Harriet [our other kitty] and him are slowly becoming friends. He adores Harriet and has a tendency to follow her around constantly, which she is still getting used to.

Aldo and Sterling are doing great and having a blast, tearing around the house and enjoying life. We changed their names shortly after getting them, Sterling became Mel (short for Mel Torme) and Aldo became Louis (for Louis Prima).

They're still best buddies -- as I write this they're beside me tumbling over each other, playing and roughhousing and hiding in a box that seems to be the best toy ever.

Big Al is so very loved! He is a wonderful cat. He is super confident and social and so funny, a real character! When my friends come over he greets them and jumps on their laps. Everyone loves him!

He and I have bonded and love each other so much. I am so in love with this cat.

Note: Big Al was brought to the barn after being abandoned by his owners and found in a house full of snakes.

One year ago I adopted my VOKRA kitten, Lacey. So glad I did -- coolest cat in the world (she helps me pack).

Our super happy purr-bots two weeks after being introduced to their forever home!

Thank you VOKRA!!!!

It's been more than a year now since I adopted my little Tigerlily.

Cino (my other cat) and I love her so much, and every day I look at her I think how lucky I am to have the two sweetest cats in the world. I'm so glad that she is happy and safe! :)

The two kittens with Lian. They're already good friends, it seems.

Sugar (formerly Petunia) is doing wonderful! She is a little love bug; really sweet and adorable. I just love her so much! I laugh a lot watching her play -- she's too funny!

I am very happy and grateful for this wonderful little cat and I can't thank you enough.

I adopted Malana Sept.1, 2011.She was the beauty with six toes on each paw and the coolest personality!

She has become the
most wonderful, affectionate, loving cat I have ever met.With patience and a lot of TLC, she changed from a nervous, scared cat to a calmtrusting member of the family that I love so much as my male cat does also.

By adopting her, Casper became a happier cat since mourning the loss of his last female friend.They have become very close. She also gained weight, loves to eat and play.

Cali in her new home.

It is an absolute delight to have Fern!! After bringing her home, I settled her into her new room, which has all the goodies she needs, and she immediately starting happily exploring and playing with her toys and scratching post.

Oh my goodness! What a cutie pie and as gentle as can be. She is also SUPER affectionate and has quite the motor on her!!

As I type this she is purring away on my lap looking at me with the most gorgeous eyes. I am still in awe at finding another perfect kitty!

Blaze is doing very well in his new home and am ecstatic to say that Chase-Manhattan has been very tolerant and accepting of Blaze.

At first there were a few hisses and Chase seemed a bit perturbed and angry with me, but today when I got home from work they were sleeping within four inches of each other, then Chase woke up and actually licked Blaze and since I have been home I haven’t seen them far apart from each other.

Howie was rescued from somewhere outside of Terrace. He had a mite infestation and was in a bad way and stopped taking care of himself.

But he's looking great now, eats like a horse and is super affectionate. Loves playing and to be held and rubbed by everyone.

A dream cat. And our first one too!

My sweetheart Rain, who was adopted from VOKRA 8.5 years ago.

We adopted Molly and Sasha on December 27. It's been a month now since they have come home and they're doing incredibly well in their new house.

Thank you for my gorgeous Abbey Lane. I love her more and more. Here she is two years later.

Frieda is now known as "Vesper".

Vesper is doing well and has a voracious appetite. She is a little more timid about exploring her new surroundings. She's very comfortable in my room, but the rest of the apartment is a bit scary to her still. But we're making progress -- last night she explored the living room a bit more thoroughly and got to know my roommate.

She is extremely affectionate. I've never known a cat to be so quick to purr and so comfortable curled up in my skinny lap.


Roamin' Roma(n) is now safely settled in at his new home. He didn't seem to mind the car trip much since he's now happily sitting on my lap, purring and getting treats.

I think I'll call him Jack, that way he can be "le bon Jack" when he's a good kitty.

I got Zhulik, formerly Bamboozle, two years ago.

He was thrown to the streets by a cat hoarder in Surrey after the police made her get rid of her 30 cats. He lived in a warehouse, if I remember correctly, for two or three months during a cold Vancouver winter, and then was trapped by VOKRA.

With patience and lots of love, Zhulik opened up and became the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever met. Zhulik is cross-eyed, chubby and when he sleeps his tongue sticks out. :)

He's so gentle, clean, personable, well-behaved and playful. He purrs non-stop and is always wrestling with his little brother, Leonya.

Zhulik is my little angel sent down from heaven with the help of VOKRA :)

We adopted this brother and sister duo two months ago. They are now nearly seven months old.

They are full of energy and sweetness. Equinox, or Nox as we like to call him, loves to snuggle and is a complete purr machine. Solstice, or Sol, is very playful, especially with hair!

They are extremely cute together, always cuddling and cleaning each other. These two kittens have been a wonderful addition to our household.

Bubba and Wiley in their Halloween hats - (not my idea by the way).

He's doing fine at his new home. Wiley has adopted him with no problems. Wiley is so easy going. Tigger has his noise out of joint but gets alone with Bubba. Bubba follows Tigger around all the time just like a little brother.

Bubba's a great little guy and we're glad to have given him a new home.

Ginger has been a member our family for almost a year now. He truly is a character and we love and cherish him all the time. Thanks again for letting us have another member of the family!

Mel and Toby are settling in just fine.They and our dog Fay are coming to an understanding about respectful boundaries. This involves much hissing and puffy tails at times, but they are working things out pretty quickly.

Enzo is now over one year and still is a little bugger. Even though he manages to destroy anything "chewable" he brings me much joy!

Enzo has traveled through the USA down to Texas for a few months and back up on a long car drive. He’s a feral lil’ creature that still is pretty small.


Spencer and Sasha growing up.

We got this wonderful brother and sister pair from VOKRA in May. They were very happy to be homed together.

Now seven months old, they play their way through life together and enjoy every minute of life.

Seamus (formerly Copper) joined our family about two weeks ago. He's already running the household and enjoys his morning cuddles. Thanks VOKRA!

Ex-Vokra kitty Pearl (was Blackie), tries on her Christmas cape for size. This will be her first Christmas in my home and I think she is looking forward to it.

Read more about Pearl’s rescue.

lmost a year together! Who's the boss?

My VOKRA kitties, adopted in 2008 at eight weeks old and now big, happy three-year-olds! We love them so much :)

Their names were Pumpkin and Button. We named the white and orange one Mason and the orange one is Hammy :)

These two have an amazing energy that makes me feel like we won the lottery!

They are so well-behaved and communicative. They have been affectionate right from the get go. They really are amazing.

My wife and I are so happy we are bursting. They both act like they have known us for years. It's amazing. As I am typing this, Mick is walking on the keyboard!

With much gratitude


Pumpkin says thank you for finding him a nice home two years ago. He couldn't be a happier and better kitty!

Friendliest cat we've ever met! Wants nothing more than to cuddle in between his outdoor adventures. Even comes for walks with us and sits on command!

Truly, now known as She-ra, was adopted in the fall of 2009.

She is still doing exceptionally well and is an absolute treasure to have in my home. She has really blossomed into a social, playful and curious cat. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her ... just as I did when I first met her.

Every day I come home from work she is waiting by my front door on her back, waiting for belly rubs and sleeps in my bed with me, under the covers even! I can't tell you enough how much I adore her, she is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.

Tommy and Jerry are doing amazingly well. They are sooooo cuddly and playful, they love their fuzzy blankie and love to have their tummies rubbed, instant purring in stereo!!! Two happy kittens.

Roxy and Sebastian (aka Zach) settling in nicely!!

Happy holidays! Here is a photo of VOKRA kitty (Calypso) Frida with her big brother Picasso having a bath together.

Otto and Gretchon.

Vedder is doing fine.

Tiger Lily is doing well!

Adopted Coal and Copper (aka Denzel and Merryweather) in October. They are best friends and love having adventures or curling up wiht a snooze with me.

Happy Holidays to all the people who keep VOKRA going.

Here's one of your rescue kitties (Koru) all settled in and chilling out on top of her cat tree. Thank you for looking after all the stray kitties in Vancouver and finding them homes :)

Note from Karen: This kitty had been pregnant on street. She was close to dying when Maria trapped her. It was a week of touch and go. We did not know if she would make it. She looks like an entirely different cat.


Just wanted to let you know how I am doing. I live with Nikki the dog and Sei Shi the cat with our parents Gary and Lin.

Sei Shi is still taking some time to warm up to me but I know she will come round in time because I keep showing her how lovable I am. Nikki is my pal and we play a lot together. We chase each other and play hide and go seek. When we are tired out we curl up together for a lovely nap.

Love Taijii (aka Tinkerbell)

Santa gave us exactly what we wanted for Christmas under the tree -- two of the most adorable kittens.

As you can see, they've settled nicely into their new home and we're giving them oodles of loving. They're really just such wonderful kittens.

We love em. ;-) That you again for letting us adopt them.

Here are pics when VOKRA rescued Ares (was Mojo) and Callisto (was Licorice)

Ares and Callisto today:

The second night, Jasmine suddenly came out from behind the toilet and I got to pet her, rub her belly and hear her purr for the first time.

We've opened the bathroom door the last couple of nights and she's begun to cautiously explore. Last night she began to really relax and play laser pointer with us. She also slept in the bed with us briefly!

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