Enriching Your Cat's Indoor Environment

VOKRA only adopts to indoor homes.

There are many ways to make an indoor home safe and accessible to your indoor-only cat, including screening in all windows and doors or using safety latches that only open windows a few centimetres so that the curious or spooked cat cannot escape. (Never underestimate your feline friend's abilities to get outside. We know of cats escaping from the fifth floor of buildings.)

Another way is to enclose your balcony! What follows are some loose guidelines for how to make your balcony into a cat-safe zone.

Enclosing Your Balcony

Where can you find the supplies? Try Canadian Tire, Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware, or a local garden centre.

Dowling - for the top
Zap straps - to connect short netting or to "sew" netting together
Staple gun - for bottom and sides
Netting - nylon or plastic; black is low-reflective and hard to see, so you won't even notice it after a short while.
Screws - for the top, sides, bottom
Hooks - for the tops, sides, bottom
A Handy Woman or Man (optional)

First, weave the dowling through the netting, then secure these together with zap straps.

Next, install hooks in the ceiling of the balcony and place the dowling on the hooks. The netting and dowling can be further secured to the hooks with zap straps.

The netting is secured to the sides and bottom on the balcony using hooks, screws, and/or a staple gun, depending on what works best in your situation. If you need to cut and piece together netting, zap straps can be used to "sew" the netting together.

Good luck, have fun with this, and send us pictures of YOUR enclosed balcony and happy cats!

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