VOKRA is a committed group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of homeless or unwanted cats.

VOKRA provides safe homes and high-quality care while promoting responsible cat guardianship through its education, advocacy, and feral cat/trap-neuter-return programs.

VOKRA is a no-kill rescue organization.


  • To protect and enhance the lives of lost, unwanted, and homeless cats
  • To end the killing of cats who are homeless, unadoptable, or otherwise victims of unjustifiable “euthanasia”
  • To join with other rescue groups to advocate for humane, no-kill solutions to feral cat colony management
  • To provide information, knowledge, and experience to the public and governments about human responsibility to protect and enhance the lives of vulnerable animals
  • To encourage young people to learn about the positive roles they can play in making it a different, better world for animals
  • To promote the values of love, protection, and respect for all animals.
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