Socializing Feral Kittens: Helpful Guidance

Socializing (taming) feral kittens is a unique and highly rewarding experience. It's not for everyone, but with advice from knowledgeable people you can avoid common pitfalls and learn various techniques for success.

The Urban Cat League, "Friends of the Forgotten Feline," are a New York City organization committed to improving the lives of NYC homeless cats.

Their website features a number of very helpful guides, including a three-part video on socializing feral kittens and a feature on medicating feral kittens.

Stray Pet Advocacy also has extensive advice on how to socialize feral cats.

The Humane Society also has advice about caring for feral cats.

Yes, it can be done.

If you think fostering feral kittens may be suitable for you, apply here and we'll talk with you in detail.

The cats below are siblings and when they came into foster care, were very feral. Not any more...

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