Welcome Your New Feline Companion:

One thing you should do before you bring your kitten home is to ensure your household ready for the big event!

First few days:

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Cats are, by nature, highly territorial, which means they need a place to call their own: it is important to their emotional well-being. Cats love their homes, and you too, of course! Your new cat/kitten is already in a state of stress from having been brought to a new home with new people in strange surroundings.

Your goal is to help make your furry family member feel comfortable and safe as quickly as possible. We have found that confining the kitten to a small room (the bathroom is good) for the first few days is a great way to start. Make sure that food and litter and a warm soft bed are in the room. Be sure that you continue with the same food and litter your new cat or kitten is used to as they are undergoing enough changes as it is. A hot water bottle under the blanket is soothing, and the old tale of rubbing a bit of butter on the pads of the feet actually does help it settle in! Grooming gives a cat a sense of contentment, so licking the butter off helps the cat to feel more settled. Just as you wouldn't leave a toddler home alone to run around unsupervised, it doesn't make sense to leave kittens unsupervised either. You would be surprised at the places they can find to hide that you didn't know existed. Some shy cats and kittens may hide under a piece of furniture for as long as a week while others will be ready to come out and explore right away. Spend as much time as possible in the room with the kitten, speaking gently and soothingly, but don't try to force it out of hiding. The cat will let you know when it is ready to begin exploring more of the house.

Make sure to kitty proof the house. One way to is wrap up cords that are easily accessible and chewable to kittens and cats. Here is a great product available almost every where, that acts as a hard shell protector over dangerous cables and cords.

Meeting the family:

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Naturally, everyone in the family, especially the kids, will be excited to see the new arrival. Children should be asked to meet the new kitty calmly and quietly. Have them sit on the floor and allow the kitten to come to them to investigate. Have the child hold out a hand to be sniffed or pull a toy around for it to see.

Picking a new kitten up off the ground usually frightens it, whether by a child or an adult. Never allow a child to encourage a kitten to pounce on their fingers (or yours for that matter) It may seem cute at first, but soon becomes a very painful game. Your hand should never be considered a play thing. Be sure to teach children how to hold a cat properly with one hand under the bum and one under the front legs / chest, held up against their body. A kitten should never be held against its will....It will not want to be held at all if it thinks you won't let it go when it wants. Be sure children understand this and never leave the very young alone with a small animal.

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