One volunteer’s experience with Vancouver Gold

“I had been thinking about selling the gold jewellery that I no longer wore but didn’t really know where to go or how it worked so I kept putting it off. Last month a friend told me that she had taken her old jewellery to Vancouver Gold and had received enough to buy a new 60” TV.I called and found out that you don’t need an appointment so I took in my gold that same day. It was so easy. You sit and watch while each item is tested to determine its purity. It is quite a fascinating process – they rub an item across a touchstone and add a drop of acid solution. After a few seconds the scratched area changes color indicating that your item is 10, 14 of 18k.I was hoping that my bits and pieces would garner $500.I was shocked to find out that it was all worth $1284.00. The best part – you receive payment immediately!!

“As former Volunteer Coordinator for VOKRA I am always trying to find ways that are not labour intensive to raise money to help more kitties.When I heard about Vancouver Gold’s Charity Program I realized this would be a win-win. Our supporters will receive FULL VALUE for their gold and Vancouver Gold will donate 10% of the amount to VOKRA!

“Please consider this option for your unwanted, broken or otherwise unworn bits and pieces of gold. If it is inconvenient for you to visit the office at 254 West Broadway you can phone 604-764-5134 to request a mailing envelope (envelopes are also available from VOKRA). Either way, PLEASE let them know you are a VOKRA supporter – it’s for the kitties!!”

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