Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. Without them, we could not rescue and find loving homes for the 1800+ kittens and cats that VOKRA takes in each year. There are several ways to participate in our organization.

One Note About Commitment:
We would appreciate a six-month pledge of time from volunteers. The act of volunteering is a self-less one, allowing us to gain new skills, new friends and a new perspective. It has been said that volunteering is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, reliability, learning and commitment. When you volunteer, you give a part of yourself, your time, your energy and your skills. It can be a one-time event or a life-time activity.

To fill out a general application CLICK HERE

Foster homes are the heart of VOKRA. By not having a central shelter, we minimize disease transmission and maximize socialization for our feline family members. Please visit our fostering page for more information on becoming a VOKRA foster parent.

Our operations centre is located in East Vancouver and it's where cats first come into our system to be assessed and treated before being moved to foster homes. There are a variety of roles available including hands on cat care, administration, reception, etc. This centre is not a shelter and is not open to the public. Fill out the general application form and indicate your interests.

We need people to help with the transport of cats and kittens to veterinary hospitals and to foster homes. We ask for a time commitment of at least one trip per week. Fill out this form

Help the VOKRA Medical Team with vaccinations and other medical needs of cats in our care. CLICK HERE for a full job description

Become a kitty match-maker! Work with potential adopters to find just the perfect cat (or two) for them. CLICK HERE for a full job description

With 600 cats in care, it's inevitable that some of the photographs that end up on our website do not show off our beautiful cats. If you're a professional photographer or a talented amateur, could you help us photograph some of the kitties that are most in need of a make-over?


Help locate corporate sponsorship/funding.

Help with promotional events and to be the lead behind some fundraising events.

Our Trapping Program operates as both a service and a resource for information/referrals. This program is the front line in our effort to curb feral cat breeding, and it involves intense, direct contact with cats and kittens. Program participants also work directly with the public, local veterinarians and their staff. VOKRA traps feral cats and kittens for spay/neuter surgeries; we then transport trapped cats to veterinary offices or clinics, and to shelters or foster homes. Volunteers must be reliable, patient, and able to interact positively with a variety of people. Prior experience with cats, especially feral cats, is beneficial but not mandatory. Training is provided, along with all materials and supplies. Hours vary but are generally in the evening.

For any general questions about volunteering, please contact volunteervokra@gmail.com

Read our blog to find out more about what we have been up to.

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