Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. Without them, we could not rescue and find loving homes for the more than 1,400 kittens and cats VOKRA takes in each year. There are several ways to participate in our organization.

A Note About Commitment:
We would appreciate a six-month pledge of time from our volunteers. The act of volunteering is a self-less one, allowing us to gain new skills, new friends and a new perspective. It has been said that volunteering is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, reliability, learning and commitment. When you volunteer, you give a part of yourself, your time, your energy and your skills. It can be a one-time event or a life-time activity.

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We're currently recruiting for the following positions:

Volunteer Recruitment Coordinators

In this role you'll assist with attracting and matching volunteers with suitable positions. Learn more here.

Vaccination Team Coordinator & Vaccinators

We’re looking for experienced vet techs and cat lovers with a healthcare background (such as nurses) to aid in vaccinating our adorable kittens and cats. Learn more here.


In this role you'll be responsible for transporting our kitties or their supplies to either veterinary hospitals or to foster homes throughout the Lower Mainland. We ask for a time commitment of at least one trip per week.

Foster Coordinators

In this role you'll make sure our kitties are well taken care of and are placed in the right foster homes until adoption. You can choose the number of foster homes you want to be responsible for, some of our foster coordinators handle anywhere between 20 to 30 foster homes in the Lower Mainland. We also try and provide an assistant to help the foster coordinators.

As the main contact liaison, you'll also be responsible for answering questions about our kitties in foster care and will have the support of our medical health team with arranging kitty moves and some administrative duties, such as updating the medical/history information in our database. This opportunity is an extremely rewarding experience as you have the chance to be part of the process of seeing kitties being placed in warm and caring foster homes before sending them to a loving forever home!

Foster Interviewers

Our foster interviewers are responsible for monitoring new applications for fostering kitties and following up (through phone calls or email) on the foster applications. You'll conduct an interview to assess the applicant’s suitability and fit, update our database and answer any questions regarding foster homes and processes. Once an applicant is approved you'll refer them to their foster coordinator. This is a great opportunity as you'll have personal contact with both the foster applicants and foster coordinators.

Front Desk Reception

Our reception team works at our Operations Centre in East Vancouver (Sunrise/Hastings area) and is the first point of contact for all of our visitors and guests. Duties may include some data entry, filing, ensuring volunteers sign-in for their shifts, managing food/litter inventory, selling VOKRA merchandise and, most importantly, cuddling with our beautiful kitties!

Cat Care

Our cat care volunteers are responsible for caring for the kitties staying at our Operations Centre. This role requires someone who wants to be involved in hands-on interaction as they'll be feeding the cats, handling litter boxes, emptying and washing food bowls in thedishwasher, some ligh laundry and minor cleaning, such as sweeping and mopping floors. This role is very fulfilling as it gives our volunteers a chance to interact with our wonderful kitties! The shifts are also short and sweet at two hours each.

Southland Barn Volunteer

In this role you'll work in our barn shelter (Southlands area of Vancouver) to care for our semi-feral cats. This role is ahands-on position and requires someone who understands caring for our semi-feral kitties and includes cleaning litter boxes, feeding and other general tasks. Shifts are short, ranging from one to two hours each, and can start in the morning or late afternoon.

Adoption Papers Team

Our adoption papers team is responsible for meeting adopters in person (at a pre-arranged location), reviewing the adoption contract and providing information. We have adoption papers volunteers located throughout the Lower Mainland and Surrey. You'll be required to process adoption fee payments, prepare the adoption contract and do some data entry. We have an on-line booking program for adopters to arrange meetings and you'll be able to set your availability each week.

Adoption Counsellor Team

In this role you'll be reviewing and approving adoption applicants. Once an adopter is approved, you'll use our database to match kitties with the best potential candidate. You'll be scheduling adopters to view kittens, follow up with viewings, send adopttions to the papers team for papers/payment and answer any general questions that our adopters may have. This is a very rewarding role as you're the matchmaker to help pair our kitties with their forever families!

Medical Team

At VOKRA we're proud to be able to keep our cats healthy and happy with minimal stress by taking care of a lot of their medical care ourselves. We're currently seeking medical team members who can help administer vaccinations, sub-q fluids, oral medication, clip nails, brush cats, give flea baths and more! Medical experience is an asset but not required. We are happy to train volunteers who are eager to learn.

If you want to learn more about any of the roles above, we'd love to hear from you.

For any general questions about volunteering, please contact volunteervokra@gmail.com

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