VOKRA Volunteer Hall of Fame

Email gina@vokra.ca your pictures and stories of VOKRA volunteers in action!

Karen Duncan,
VOKRA president and co-founder
Champion of cats

Maria Soroski, VOKRA trapper and co-founder,
Champion of cats


Shelley Dowson and Dawn Crowe organizing and enjoying a great VOKRA BBQ.

Kerri, Erin & Susan during our Canada Day BBQ. Everything looks great, ladies!

2011 compost sale!

Karen Duncan, shoveling compost and still looking cool!

PetSmart pet photos 2010

Thank you to all the volunteers for making VOKRA happen!

Walk-A-Thon 2010

Barn volunteers

They tame our ferals so
they can have a forever home

Sherry took this little guy home!
Zoro is a happy boy!

Leslie, one of MANY amazing VOKRA fosters, with Virginia!

Mandarin is a special foster mum to VOKRA. Here she is with Bones, a special
guy that touched many hearts.

Walk-A-Thon 2011

Ines Paddled the 10K!!

Thanks to Lee MacPherson for all these photos!

Donna Cat!

Long-time VOKRA volunteer Sheral D, aka Tall Lady, with six of
what was a batch of 12 kitties rescued in Surrey.

Mary Anne helps Maria with trapping. Here she is with Kenny Pawgers: the most
affectionate cat VOKRA has ever met!

A big thank you to Marta who helped save 25 cats in Port Coquitlam in October 2011!

Thanks to Santa and VOKRA fans for stopping by to our 2011 PetSmart holiday photo shoot!

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