What is TNR?
TNR, Trap-Neuter-Return, is a proven, cost efficient and effective approach to managing the feral cat populations that are found in most urban and rural communities.

How does TNR work?
After being humanely trapped, cats are taken to a vet where they are spayed or neutered, tattooed, vaccinated and treated for any other medical issues. Following their recovery, the cats are returned to their colony, where volunteers continue post-return feeding and monitoring. Kittens and tame strays are not returned and are instead adopted out to homes.

What are the benefits of TNR?

TNR stabilizes the feral cat population in a cost efficient and effective manner by preventing further reproduction in cat colonies, while also improving and protecting the lives of the existing cats. Not only is TNR the most humane practice for handling feral cats, it's also the only practice that works. The outdated and costly practice of trap and “remove”, wherein the cat is killed by animal control, does not succeed in reducing the cat population. Instead, where old cats have left, new cats move in and take over and continue reproducing among one another.

Where is TNR being done in Greater Vancouver?

VOKRA, along with other groups such as the
Surrey Community Cat Coalition, Pacific Animal Foundation and Katie’s Place, are working tirelessly to provide the TNR service to the communities in the Lower Mainland. After several years of work in Vancouver and Burnaby, VOKRA has seen a vast reduction in the number of feral cat colonies and has stabilized the feral cat population within the city through constant spay/neuter efforts. You can read more about our success with TNR here.

Working alongside the Surrey Community Cat Coalition, we're now joining forces to approach the overwhelming population of feral cats in Surrey.

How can I help?

You can help simply by writing a letter to your city’s mayor and council, letting them know that you believe TNR is the appropriate response and action to the feral cat population and that you don't support the inhumane practice of animal control killing the cats. You can read the Pacific Animal Foundation's open letter to BC Mayors and Councils

You can pledge to not buy cats online or from pet stores. Take the pledge here.

You can donate to our TNR program here.

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