Meet the Kitty Representatives for

VOKRA's 6th Annual Walk for the Kitties

September 13, 2015, Beach Walk, Jericho Park, Vancouver

We’d like to introduce you to some of the cats and kittens that VOKRA has helped over the years. These are just 6 of the more than 14,000 we’ve saved since 2000. They all have a tale to tell and represent some aspect of VOKRA's activities. Read them over and think about which one of these kitties you’d like to walk for. Whose story speaks to you?

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Meet Tuffy, the world’s saddest cat.He started showing up at a house in Burnaby late last year, but it took us until January before we could take him in.Tuffy came in with horrible runny eyes and bleeding from some wounds.Every day he suffered through having eye drops, antibiotics and having his face washed.Yes, leather gloves were needed as Tuffy didn’t take too kindly to the treatment.However, we know he knew we were trying to help.After the first couple of days, he would grumble, but not try to swipe.For a 13 year old cat, his bloodwork was pretty good, but unfortunately he is FIV positive, meaning that he shouldn’t live with other non FIV cats.Our sister rescue, Katie’s Place, has an FIV colony and agreed to take Tuffy. He’ll live out the rest of his life well taken care of and safe.


Will you be walking for Tuffy?




Meet Dino (and his mom Deanna)! This little charmer came to us from Surrey. He and his mom were trapped. When we examined him, we found that he had a broken thigh bone. it wasn't a new injury, either, so Dino must have been in a lot of pain. Dino's leg needed surgery, and we had to engage a specialist due to his age. Originally, we thought we might have to amputate the leg, but decided to give it a shot. Luckily, things are going well. After spending a week in a cast, Dino is now lumbering around with a bandaged leg. Paws crossed for him!

Will you be walking for Dino and all those kittens that need a little extra help?



Queen Latifah came to us from Port Moody.Her owner had left her with a friend, but the owner never came back to claim her.Latifah was pregnant when she was taken in by VOKRA and eventually became the proud mom of the Seussical kittens – Squitsch, Zillow, Snuvs, Zummers, and Wumbus.

Latifah and her kitten Zummers are still available for adoption.How is that possible?Look at that those adorable faces.

Latifah represents all the pregnant moms that VOKRA takes in.Will you walk for Latifah?.

Will you be walking for Latifah and all the pregnant moms that VOKRA helps?




.Our swimming kitty!

Mt. Everest was born without fully formed hind legs, his left paw’s toes are fused together and he is missing a toe on his right paw. With water therapy and pool time generously donated by Waterworkz Paw Spa, we’re happy to report that Mt. Everest is doing better than ever!

These sessions help to strengthen his hind leg ...muscles and improve his overall coordination. Despite being born with physical difficulties, Mt. Everest has shown a lot of strength and inspiration. Happy and healthier than ever, Mt. Everest is an affectionate kitty who loves to purr and cuddle!

Mt. Everest has been adopted with his brother, Phortse.

Will you be walking for our special kitties?


Learning not to be feral – Arthur and Buster

Two years ago, we got a call from a location in Surrey that was over-run with cats.We trapped there, and since the person didn’t want to have cats around, relocated all the cats to barns.Arthur and Buster are living proof of the vacuum effect that happens when you remove cats from a location – other cats move in to fill the void.So, now we have Arthur and Buster.They are learning to be less scared and we’re pretty sure we can love them into being indoor cats.They’re with a foster at the moment and gradually getting a little less hissy and a bit more accepting each day.Aren’t they handsome?

Will you walk for the ferals?


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